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Learning to trade with The Dynamic Trader.

Trading can seem overwhelming at first. However, it is actually quite simple (when you know how). There are many trading styles and indicators which can seem
confusing. At The Dynamic Trader, we simplify the process for each trader. We have been providing personal mentoring for traders since 2005, teaching strategies and sharing our unique tools and knowledge with novice and experienced traders alike. Founded by traders for traders, our aim is to install the best trading practice in all our traders. From simple forex strategies to more advanced stock market watchlists, we help traders take advantage of the trends while not affecting their current lifestyle. Our trading strategies are based on technical analysis which uses patterns in data but our focus is mainly price action and behaviour.

Control your future, learn to trade the markets

At The Dynamic Trader, we share our trend trading strategies so traders can learn to trade the markets and the trends within them. Trading with the trend is far simpler than trying to trade against it and will often provide above average returns. With our money management techniques we always protect our capital and look to use the appropriate trend trading strategy that compliments the current market condition. Our trend trading systems can be applied to any market including forex, stocks or commodities but we look for only high probability trade set up

Apprentice Membership Plan Only
at £297 for 3 months
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 Dynamic Trader Ltd founders
Join Our Apprentice Membership Plan Only
at £297 for 3 months
You’ll be able to identify a market environment that is suited to your trading strategy
You’ll learn the principles of entries, exits,
position sizing and trade management
You'll get access to a selection of Dynamic Trader trading tools which make your charts cleaner and easier to read price action
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